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GCACL SHIPPING is one of the largest carriers in the International Trade Lane and a brand name as a logistics and distribution full-service provider. As a leading operator, we have the capacity to meet our customer’s specific needs and offer intelligent transportation solutions. We create added value for our customers through aggressive cost leadership and transport innovation. We take pride in our professional service excellence, which ensures efficient transportation of your products and provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace. WELCOME ABOARD.

What We Do

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: GCACL sets the standard for excellence in global logistics through absolute loyalty and commitment to quality in people and customer service, with superior cost-effective results.



Solid high-security networking and state of the art IT/IDS processing

  • international business fields
  • safe data processing during online daily operations
  • permanent “online” documentation of all current and historical processes
  • data-exchange in XML/NRPC format by international standards
  • cargo tracking
  • cargo status at all major ports.