download-copyI have been working with Guarantee Cargo and Container Line for over 10 years. I have always found their rates competitive, but it is their service that adds the extra value for me. Their staff is knowledgeable and courteous and their response time is prompt. I know I can trust their expertise when inquiring on anything from customs regulations to import logistics in a new port. Using them for our freight forwarding, customs brokerage and inland trucking allows us to maintain a smooth flow from the time the goods leave the factory until the time they reach our customer’s door and I can access real time tracking along the way download-1

Mr. Hussein Azouz

Mumbai, India

download-copyWOW U KICKED SCHENKERS BUTT!!! Thank you so much…..OUR client is called Global Autos Sales and they sell new and used automobiles of all kinds and brands. They are a very cool company and just were bought by Land of Lakes so it was very important for this first order to get to them in time. Once again Thank you!download-1


Mr. Justin Marquis

United States of America

download-copyMy experience with Guarantee Cargo and Container Line has been of good service and compliance. They are always checking status and following up all our shipments. Customs clearance is on time and we never have to rush. Thank you!download-1


Mrs. Elizabeth Pineda
Hamburg Germany

download-copyAs a satisfied customer of Guarantee Cargo and Container Line for over 15 years, we can truly say “we could not have done it without them”their vast knowledge and experience of all aspects of the importing process is what makes them truly special. From proper paperwork, ISF forms, customs issues, freight rates, container tracking, warehousing, etc…there is not a single aspect of the importing process that they do not handle for us.They truly have become a vital partner in all of our importing needs. If you are looking for a Professional company to handle all of your importing and exporting needs you need look no further, Guarantee Cargo and Container Line is the way to go!



Engr. Mr. Faisal Al-Hinai

download-copyGuarantee Cargo and Container Line has been amazing for the growth of our business from start to finish. They walked us through all our shipping options with clarity and 100% transparency. Customer service and availability is superb.download-1


Mr. Enas Mohammad
Doha Qatar

download-copyWe’ve been using Guarantee Cargo and Container Line for a few years now and I am extremely pleased to say that everyone at this firm is a consummate professional. Our International shipments are handled efficiently,safely and always on time; things all very important to a seasonal sporting goods manufacturer like us.download-1


Mrs. Amani Amal
Jeddah Saudi Arabia

download-copyMy experience with the Guarantee Cargo and Container Line has been wonderful! I found their staff to be professional and courteous in every situation. They are very responsive to my shipping needs. Whether ocean or air, they seamlessly negotiate through all the scheduling and customs requirements, both foreign and domestic, with little involvement on my part. It’s not often that you can take a “hands off” approach with a service provider in today’s business world. But, I trust them to get the job done and look out for my best interest each and every time. Their service is first class!download-1

Mr. Chaoxiang Gui

Guangzhou China

download-copyBeing new to the international shipping scene when I assumed my current role, I needed to not only keep an eye on costs, but I also needed some education…And fast! Not only does the team at Guarantee Cargo and Container Line do everything they can to secure the best rates for our freight, I have learned so much from asking questions of their expertise. The value add is immeasurable. GCACL has proven to be more than a supplier to us. They are a steadfast partner in our business.download-1


Mrs. Aaliyah Elham
Doha Kwuait

download-copyI work with clients bringing products into Hungary, and Hungary marketers bringing products to other countries. I have worked with Guarantee Cargo and Container Line for many years and have always been absolutely pleased with their services. They know the global market well, and willingly share their knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend GCACL for your worldwide shipping needs.download-1

Mr. Omar Ghanem

Muscat Oman